Have you ever heard of NON-injectable hyaluronic fillers? If you have not we want to introduce you this revolutionary method.
New revolutionary unique method penetrating hyaluron fillers without injection needles.
Finally, besides doctors, all aestheticians, beauty therapists, and others in the beauty industry can do it too.
Non-injectable hyaluronic fillers = MAGIC CRYSTALS = cosmetics of the future!
Unique and revolutionary new age cosmetics. Treat your face with the magic of nature’s touch and crystals. Go one step ahead of everyone else and be the first who offers your clients cosmetics of the future – 100% natural, non-Injectable Hyaluronic fillers with crystals enriched by quantum information technology.
The hyaluronic fillers are 100% natural, results are incredible and breathtaking.

• No Needles
• No Pain
• All natural fillers
• Healthy
• Instant results
• Amazing results

Preparations are from our brand MAGIC CRYSTALS. Treatment is a great novelty in the world as we penetrate into the skin but in the different form with our 100% natural Hyaluronic fillers.
Natural fillers penetrate faster into the skin, they are easier to break down, the skin better tolerates them and they start to function immediately.
MAGIC CRYSTALS fillers are easier to absorb due to nanotechnology and the oxygen infusion process. Resulting instantly in a fresher, brighter, more hydrated complexion, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, scaring. Under eye darkness and acne skin respond quickly and naturally.
Treatment is pleasant, risk and pain-free throughout, it doesn’t create dependency as it gives permanent effect. The results are incredible and immediately visible.

Filler set:
• filler Hyaluronic+vitamin bomb
• filler anti-age
• filler for deep skin moisturizing
• filler for acne and inflamed skin
• filler for pigmentation and discoloration
• filler for reducing dark circles under the eyes
• reactivate skin filler
• filler for skin exposed to stress
Treatment is simple and pleasant for everyone throughout the treatment.

Treatment protocol:
1. classic facial cleansing (with tonic)
2. deep cleansing with enzyme peel
3. opening pores so the filler can penetrate in the skin
4. applying anti-age serum
5. infusing fillers (15 to 30 min)
6. Application of anti-age mask locks the products in the skin
7. anti-age mask max is on the face (20 min)
8. Finally, light drainage using protective cream is performed.

❏ Treatment is performed without the needle
❏ The filler is infused under pressure
❏ Treatment is quite pleasant

Fillers and serums included in the set:
cleanser 200ml- lotion
liberty 200ml-enzymatic peeling
oasis mask 200ml anti-age mask
oasis serum 50ml anti-age serum
oasis cream 200ml cream anti age
helper 100ml lotion first aid
hydrating filler 30ml
eye rescue filler 30ml
skin relief filler 30ml
anti age filler 30ml
winner filler 30ml
acne filler 30ml

Fillers and ingredients:
hydrating filler 30ml purpose: penetrates into the skin and produces an anti-aging effect.
The best of the ingredients are: gel of red algae, natural hyaluron, vitamin C, collagen, elastin, lecithin, Oat extract, Malva silvestris, hippophae rhamnoides.
eye rescue filler 30ml bleaching filler purpose: visibly reduces stains on the face. The best of the ingredients are: red algae gel, natural hyaluron, vitamin C, collagen, alpha arbutin, lecithin, licorice extract, and Moraceae.
skin relief filler 30ml filer for reactive skin purpose: visible give back ph to skin. The best of the ingredients are: red algae gel, natural hyaluron, vitamin C, collagen, allantoin, algae extract, lecithin, extract marigold, Hypericum perforatum, and hippophae rhamnoides.
filler anti-age 30ml purpose: fills the line of wrinkles, rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin.The best of the ingredients: red algae gel, natural hyaluron.
winner filler 30ml vitamin bomb purpose: fills the line of wrinkles and small scars on the face. The best of the ingredients: red algae gel, natural hyaluron, allantoin, elastin, vitamin C, A, D panthenol, algae extract.
acne filler 30ml purpose: balancing the excessive secretion of sebum. The best of the
ingredients: red algae gel, natural hyaluron, elastin, collagen, vitamin C, multi herb skin oil, lecithin, Moraceae, hypericum perforatum and oat

Depending on the client skin condition and age, therapist prescribes how many treatments will the client need. Between 3-6 treatments in 30 days is the first set. First two weeks 2 treatments per week, after that once a week. After completing this first set, the client receives follow up treatment once in 30-60 days.

What do we treat:
❏ Whole face
❏ Neck
❏ Decollete
❏ Hands

Included in the price:
❏ The professional device set
❏ The hyaluronic fillers for 72 treatments
❏ The serums for 150 treatments
❏ Training manual
❏ Diploma / Certificate
❏ Free 1-year franchise membership @Micromedico
❏ 1-month online support

Working Plan for 1-day training:
– Theory
– Theory review
– Demonstration by Master
– Training on models
– Students work on models



NEW NEW NEW… ❤️❤️❤️NON INJECTABLE HYALURONIC FILLERS – IMMEDIATE EFFECT!❗️❗️❗️ The Latest Global Hit In The Beauty Industry ❗️❗️❗️📣 And the best part: Beside doctors, COSMETICIANS AND OTHERS IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY CAN DO IT TOO!❗️❗️❗️ Micromedico is presenting our new product, Magic Crystals – Natural Hyaluronic Fillers and New revolutionary unique method penetrating hyaluronic fillers without injection needles – Ossigenoterapia.❗️❗️❗️ There are marks on the picture so you can see the results are visible immediately after the first treatment.This is no photoshop or any other picture editors work.The number of the initial treatments (3-6) in the first 30 days depends on the patient’s skin and age. After that a monthly refresh is required.Did we mention that cosmeticians and others in beauty industry can do it too and not just doctors? The hyaluronic fillers are 100% natural.Here are additional benefits:✅ No needles✅ No pain✅ All natural fillers✅ Healthier✅ Amazing results✅ Instant results✅ Much lower costsWe are searching for new distributors!Worldwide trainings available from January 2nd, 2019.__________________GET IN TOUCH:Micromedico AcademyHeadquarters:🇨🇭 Zurich/Switzerland🇺🇸 Ohio/U.S.A.🇸🇮 Ljubljana/Sloveniawww.micromedico.comE: info@micromedico.comM: +386.68.147.679 (Viber, WhatsApp)Facebook.com/micromedicocom

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It’s easy to learn this technique but in order to get the best results and a happy returning customer, the most important thing is to follow the right procedure.
That’s why our Grand Master decided to create an easy and fast approach to this treatment through ONLINE TRAINING.
With today’s hi-tech equipment you can easily finish education from the comfort of your home or office.


If besides doing this treatment, you would like to earn even more money, then you can become our trainer/ distributor in your area/ country. You would need to finish this class, practice, upgrade and pass a free trainer course with our grand master.


1.Pass live or online training to become a therapist.
2.Practice couple of month
3.After being advanced therapist you will present your skills to one of our masters
4.Practice your trainer skills
5.Present your trainer’s ability
6.Get a Trainers diploma
7.Start distributing, doing individual training and small classes. For big classes, over 7 students, you need to do it with the presence of a grand master

To be an agent/ host/ representative you don’t need to become a trainer.


💲Estimated ROI (Return on investment) = from $5.760 up to $21.600

↗ The size of the ROI depends on the price of your services.

The professional set contains fillers for a minimum of 72 treatments.

Recommended price for one treatment in your country is from $80 up to $300

72 treatments * $80 = $5.760 USD

72 treatments * $300 = $21.600 USD

We recommend an average price of $120 for one treatment, but it is up to you what price

are you going to offer for your clients (depending on economy, location/state)


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For more info write us on WhatsApp +386 68 147 679 or on email: info@micromedico.com