Dear student,
We would like to introduce you to the complete innovation in the cosmetic world. No more injections! This technology opens a new door in the cosmetic industry. The pen is particularly well suited to achieve a volume build-up of the lips without needles as well as contour improvement of the face with hyaluronic acid. For the first time, you have an alternative to the classic wrinkle padding.

Hyaluronic fillers are the same as for injection methods fillers only penetration is different and they allow customers to build up lip volume as well as deep wrinkles. It’s a pneumatic device designed especially for the cosmetic sector and all beauticians are allowed to work in the industry.
This is achieved by using a multi-shot system, where under high air pressure of 800 km/h hyaluronic acid evenly penetrates through skin through a tiny puncture of 0.8 mm and ensures almost painless, safe and legal procedure!!!

Tolerance is between 3-8 months and it can be used to :
❏ Increase lip volume
❏ Fill the wrinkles on cheeks, mouth, ear, chin as also expression wrinkles
❏ 8 lifting points
❏ Borderline improvement

Our controlled dosage delivery with locking function ensures an exact delivery dose and enables SAFE working. It only reaches the upper skin
layers. Although our pen is mainly used for the use of hyaluronic acid, we will expand our range with various effective active ingredients.


❏ Intervention without punctures or scars
❏ Penetration without the use of needle avoids infections
❏ Better synthesis absorption
❏ Ideal dosage
❏ Multiple uses
❏ Quick procedure
❏ Painless
❏ Immediate visible results
❏ No allergic reactions
❏ Effective duration
❏ Needleless volume build-up of lips
❏ Needleless wrinkle reduction of the nasolabial wrinkles
❏ Safe handling due to modifiable quantity and barrier protection technology
❏ High economic efficiency
❏ The revolutionary novelty for your studio in modern design
❏ Painless treatment for your customers
❏ 100% customer satisfaction and loyalty


A pen with many possibilities.
A needle-free injection system is suitable for use by beauticians and has been technically optimized for this purpose.

Hyaluronic Lip Pen training includes:
❏ Live ore online training under the guidance of our Instructor
❏ Presentation of the treatment on a live model
❏ Certificate of attendance after the training
❏ 1-month Online support
❏ Hyaluronic pen professional set (1x Device Lip Pen, 10x empty ampules, 1x training
❏ 5ml(cc) meso hyaluronic filler
❏ 2ml medical hyaluronic filler
The course covers the following topics:
❏ Hyaluronic pen presentation
❏ Basic information about the technique
❏ Basic information about the pen device
❏ Instructions for consulting with the clients
❏ Instructions for proper use of the pen device
❏ Preparation of treatment materials
❏ Hygiene
❏ Problems and conditions of the skin
❏ Preparation of client
❏ Treatment
❏ Contraindications

Working Plan for 1-day training:
– Theory
– Theory review
– Demonstration by Master
– Training on models
– Students work on models





It’s easy to learn this technique but in order to get the best results and a happy returning customer, the most important thing is to follow the right procedure.
That’s why our Grand Master decided to create an easy and fast approach to this treatment through ONLINE TRAINING.
With today’s hi-tech equipment you can easily finish education from the comfort of your home or office.


If besides doing this treatment, you would like to earn even more money, then you can become our trainer/ distributor in your area/ country. You would need to finish this class, practice, upgrade and pass a free trainer course with our grandmaster.


1.Pass live or online training to become a therapist.
2.Practice couple of month
3.After being advanced therapist you will present your skills to one of our masters
4.Practice your trainer skills
5.Present your trainer’s ability
6.Get a Trainers diploma
7.Start distributing, doing individual training and small classes. For big classes, over 7 students, you need to do it with the presence of a grandmaster

To be an agent/ host/ representative you don’t need to become a trainer.


From February 2020 an easy financing for all training is available.
💰 Pay in monthly installments
↗️No need to visit your bank
↗️We manage it for you
↗️Financing approval in 1h
📶Don’t miss the chance to grow and to be part of Micromedico
☑️Register now

By Sending us your,
– Portfolio Beautician background
– Website – if any
– Instagram profile – if any
– Facebook page/profile – if any
You will get financing approval in 1 hour.


Now Online Training is FREE, pay only for the products.

Included in price:
❏ The professional Micromedico device
❏ 2ml medical Hyaluronic fillers
❏ 5ml meso Hyaluronic fillers
❏ 10x Empty ampules
❏ Training manual
❏ Diploma / Certificate
❏ Free membership @Micromedico Academy
❏ 1-month online support


💲 When you will sell your products which are included in the professional set you will already cover your investment costs.

↗ The size of the ROI depends on the price of your services.
Meaning, that you will need only up to 5 clients to return your investment.

We recommend a 10-15% cheaper selling price for one treatment, then doctors with needles do in your Area/Country, but it is up to you what price are you going to offer for your clients (depending on the economy, location/state).


By registering (Click here to Register) you will receive an order confirmation and payment options.

1. Upon receipt of the payment, you will receive a confirmation email.
2. The professional kit will be sent out to your address
3. When you will receive it, we will set up the schedule for the live online training
4. Online training via Zoom application( no need to download anything, you will get the link and you ready to go)
5. We Send the Certificate

Required for training
– Laptop, tablet or phone
– Solid internet connection
– Our professional set
– Massage table, floor lamp, cotton pads, bowl for water, gloves, mask
– 1-2 models

Working Plan for 1-day training:
– Theory
– Theory review
– Demonstration by Master
– Training on models
– Students work on models


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For more info write us on WhatsApp +386 68 147 679 or on email: info@micromedico.com