Plasma Fibroblast

We want to introduce you this revolutionary method.
Plasma treatment or method is a completely revolutionary method that offers perfect facial rejuvenation, but it is important to emphasize that Plasma is a non-invasive technique in which no concussion or any other surgical instrument is used.
Plasma treatment is an active response to the patient’s / client’s needs for beauty treatments, resulting in a more complete appearance, which, as a result, has no surgical approach and its consequences.

Treatments that can be done with Plasma: * Lifting of upper/lower eyelids,

Lifting of mid face,

Lifting of neck

Removal of all kinds of wrinkles

Removal of skin marks

Removal of warts

Sun spots and age pigments

Rejuvenation of scars

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Plasma is a substance in the fourth aggregate state – plasma. The treated tissue “Sublimates” and thus avoids the spread of unwanted heat to the environment where these heat is not desired to be applied. On a small part of the skin, precisely targeted energy damages specific skin cells and thus stimulates cell growth and recovery of collagen and elastin.

Advantages Plasma Vs. surgery:

Does not require anesthetics

No skin cutting

The process is not risky or minimal

Minimal side effects and much shorter healing time

Quick & easy procedure

Most customers can return to work the same day

No skin depletion

Significantly lower cost “Plasma results are often incredible and breathtaking”


“This training and treatment are absolutely amazing. My clients absolutely love it.”

Porter Key “Texas, US”

“My clients are 50+ and they said pity that we didn’t have this treatment sooner.”

Marina “Malta”

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