Cheyenne hawk thunder set


Whether lining, shading, or filling – with the Cheyenne HAWK Thunder you’re always tattooing at the highest level.
The sophisticated workmanship, ergonomic build, and lightweight design of this tattoo machine allow you to work for a long time without straining your wrist.
The low-vibration motor and increased needle stroke guarantee the utmost precision to support your craftsmanship.




The sturdy HAWK Thunder comes with unparalleled power! Its extraordinary force, low-vibration Precision DC Motor, and increased stroke guarantee the utmost precision and fatigue-free working, even during longer sessions.
The HAWK Thunder machine gives you the choice of two available HAWK Grips, the 1-INCH and Standard, for even more comfortable tattooing. The tool is also available in five different colors, so you can tailor your Hawk Thunder to suit your individual tastes.

Not only does the tattoo machine boast sophisticated craftsmanship, it also features a lightweight and ergonomic design, for perfect handling without straining your wrist. On top of all this, the Thunder is easy to clean and cover, promising completely safety and hygiene while you work. The Cheyenne HAWK Thunder is especially great for dots and lines, but other styles are also possible without any loss of quality: whether lining, shading, or filling, you’re tattooing at the highest


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