MyKiss Refillable Toothbrush


MyKiss Refillable Toothbrush


– Refillable Toothbrush with your own favorite toothpaste…
– Toothbrush and toothpaste in One…
– With you at every time & everywhere…
– Definitely the fastest and most convenient care for your teeth…http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7KfBYHyWuw


MyKiss Toothbrush is a new revolutionary refillable Toothbrush, which you fill with your own favorite toothpaste and use it as two in one.

With you at every time & everywhere
Definitely the fastest and most convenient care for your teeth

– two in one
– toothpaste is not included, so you can fill it with your favorite toothpaste
– applying toothpaste with the simple twist of a knob
– self-contained
– hygienic
– no mess
– no fuss
– no waste
– no lost toothpaste caps

Good to know

MyKiss Toothbrushes come with all the features a modern, active person could need.
They can be refilled at any time with the toothpaste of a person’s choice and made of top-notch quality, the USA made Dupont bristles.
Another big advantage is the toothpaste can be pulled back to the handle leaving the bristles clean and ready for another use.
MyKiss On The Go ToothbrushToothbrush is a pocket-size product of indisputable quality that can be used when/for:

+Everyday use

+At work


+On the airplane

+On the Cruise ships

+The kids (they absolutely love it)


+Police forces

+Army forces






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