Revitrane HA10 Classic 1ml


Revitrane HA10 Classic 1ml


Eliminating the first signs of aging and shallow wrinkles.

The safest and effective filler Revitrane HA  Classic to covers wrinkles to become tight and elastic skin.

The uniform consistency of gel provides ideal placement in the tissue and the natural fill effect.

Indications: Versatile filler designed to eliminate signs of skin aging.

Recommended areas: small wrinkles, increasing the volume and improving the shape of the lips.

Ingredient Cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

Injection depth: upper dermis.


Revitrane is a complementary range of fillers based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Revitrane’s unique global production technology is protected by international patents.

Revitrane is the first range of fillers completely purified from the remains of the BDDE crosslinking agent. Revitrane does not contain heavy metals, nucleic acids or proteins, which makes it extremely safe. However, crystalline purity, quality, and sterility are not the only advantages of the range of Revitrane fillers.

Eliminating the symptoms of aging by administering fillers based on hyaluronic acid is a safe and proven method that allows you to quickly obtain satisfactory results. However, sometimes the process of implementing hyaluronic acid can be painful for the patient and requires an increased operator`s effort.

Not always the effects and durability of the filling are sufficiently satisfying and meeting the expectations of patients and doctors. It happens that patients experience too much discomfort after the procedure and complain about the feeling of distraction and the unnatural effect.

The scientists who created the Revitrane managed to do what only a few can do: the Revitrane fillers are extremely durable and at the same time they allow to obtain a natural rejuvenation effect and are maximally comfortable in implementation. Those who made art from aesthetic medicine received a tool worthy of the masters.

Thanks to the unique crosslinking technology of hyaluronic acid at low temperature for a long time, we obtain the maximum combination of HA molecules, safety, and stability.

Double crosslinking is based on the combination of molecules and the additional twisting around themselves. This method minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. Revitrane fillers provide long-lasting and natural effects thanks to the use of hyaluronic acid of the highest quality:

  • Heavy metals:
    • below 8ppm (compared to the standard that is below 20ppm).
  • Uniform molecular structure – stabilized HA highly resistant to biodegradation.
  • Structure and shape of the molecule almost identical to HA occurring in the human body – biocompatible.
  • BDDE content is 0% – no side effects.


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