HA Lip Pen by…

Original price was: € 350.00.Current price is: € 190.00.


HA Lip Pen by Micromedico

Original price was: € 350.00.Current price is: € 190.00.

Say Goodbye To Needles!

This needleless hyaluronic pen is an innovative device that uses pressurized air to inject a liquid hyaluronic acid (or any other beauty serum) through a narrow opening into human skin.

By means of a spring system, the potion is introduced at high speed through a small orifice in the nozzle, creating a thin jet stream of fluid that easily penetrates the skin.

Then the serum diffuses under the epidermis into the subcutaneous tissue.


Our no needle hyaluronic injection pen works quickly and efficiently. The pressurized injection lasts about 1/3 of a second and leaves no visible marks.

A fast and thin jet of liquid is pressed through the skin in no time making the operation virtually painless as it doesn’t cause any peripheral nerve injuries.

Needleless action avoids damaging the skin and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. By using this hyaluronic pen, you will avoid unexpected infections frequently caused by viruses and germs transferred by the needles.

Easy to Use!

This hyaluronic pen is a simple spring action device that uses pressure instead of a needle to introduce the hyaluronic acid (or any other beauty serum) into the skin through a thin jet.

We provide a detailed video explanation and written instructions on how to use this marvelous instrument. It is suitable for professional beauty salons.

Please read the directions carefully and watch the guidance features before the application.


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